Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Obvious Douchebag Sighting

My girl Emily sent me a note yesterday:

"hey, I'm watching the new American Gladiator and I found the epitome of Obvious Douchebag. check out 'Titan.'"

Now, I didn't tune in for the reincarnated fuckery that is the new American Gladiator, but upon visiting the website it seems to be a veritable douchebag parade.

I liked the show just fine when it was the early 90s and I was 6, but some things have to go with age. Watching a bunch of 'roid-heads in shiny spandex take on Timmy the Temp from two cubicles over is one of those things.

Oh, and Hogan, you're doing too much. Settle.

But I must say, I like the idea of people sending me douchebag alerts. 'Cause God knows there are too many out there for me to catch them all. Douchebags are like Pokemon in that way.

And I'm through.

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