Monday, July 14, 2008

For the Kids

I've vocalized my distaste for The Reminder here and elsewhere, but Feist certainly knows how to make it hard to stay mad at her. This clip of the lady performing with the motley crew down on Sesame Street is a-damn-dorable.

And for what it's worth, I've liked "1234" since it was leaked prior to the album release. I even stayed liking it after it got astoundingly overplayed thanks to that iPod commerical. My gripe was that it was one of 3 good songs on the record. And I'm through.


jared said...

you know, i was listening to feist last night while i was cleaning and had to keep going over to my computer and skipping songs that sucked . . . and realized that i had only listened to three songs and jogged for 15 minutes to and from my computer . . . but she sure does throw down a good live show. a performer, that gal.

Aubrey said...

puuulease, at least 4 songs.

I Feel It All
My Moon My Man

Plus her beautiful music videos make up for her lack of consistancy.