Monday, November 12, 2007

Let's Talk About Pep . . .

Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Does anybody else watch this Salt-n-Pepa show on Vh1? I'm guessing not; and trust me, this isn't a request that you start.

Either it's the worst-scripted "reality" show (excepting those dating travesties on MTV) or Pep is mentally off. I'm so serious. It's the same shit every week: Pep books a performance without consulting Salt, Salt says she doesn't want to do it -- 'cause she's all religious now and doesn't want to be in entertainment anymore despite now having a reality show that airs DIRECTLY after I Love New York 2 -- but begrudgingly accepts under the condition that Pep be respectful of her new lifestyle, and then Pep does everything in her power to make the show as hypersexed as possible, and then acts as though she has 0 idea why Salt doesn't approve.

I swear Pep spends 85% of the show with this look on her face like she's trying to remember the capital of Ghana or something. "What? I just wanted a 6ft. condom onstage. It's an AIDS benefit."


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