Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Douchebag Triangle

There are a lot of things about this story that upset me:

Two grown-ass women fighting over a teenager
Attempting to murder the woman carrying your child
The creepy, remorseless grin in the mugshot
A drive-by? Really? It's that serious?
"Lakeviette" -- I have no words.

But the one thing that confuses the hell out of me . . .

"The guy they're fighting over was behind the wheel. He's only 15 years old . . . Fortunately Smith wasn't hit, but police say with all the gunfire Wright accidentally shot her teenage boyfriend in the neck."

Someone please explain the logistics of that to me. I've never been party to a drive-by myself, so maybe I don't fully understand the mechanics. But it seems to me, if you're in the passenger's seat with the gun you wouldn't fire it out THE DRIVER'S SIDE WINDOW. Right? It's called a U-turn.

Or was it some sort of Looney Tunes mess where she pulled the trigger, lost control of the gun, and just started firing bullets every which way?

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