Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Douche the Stanky Legg

Here's my story; it's sad but true...

I was Facebook stalking (don't hate, you do it too) a friend of mine about two months ago, and someone had posted the above tragedy on his wall. As it was November and the video was originally posted in April, I did a little "waaah waaah" for Them G-Spot Boyz -- girls, if you let these stanky douchebags anywhere near your g-spot, that's on you -- and went about my merry way.

So, imagine my surprise when I saw the video getting press over at C&D a couple of weeks ago. Ô rage! Ô désespoir!

Well, apparently that extra three seconds of fame was enough for these Lords of the Dance to re-shoot the video with mind-blowing special effects in exotic locales (read: they bought a smoke machine and bribed a high school principal with a case of St. Ides so they could film in the gym). If you enjoy your hot mess microwaved a day later, then this should be right up your stank-ass alley:

I know my expectations should be well lower, but "That YOUR Hot" @ 1:56... if I wasn't saved, I'd cuss these bastards out in the YouTube comments.

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Emily said...

I just honestly have no idea what to think about this. None. Stanky. Leg. I mean. I don't know.