Saturday, March 22, 2008

"Nothing's Right. I'm Torn."

I want to hate this song. I REALLY want to hate this song . . .

. . . And yet, I just can't stop listening to it.

Full disclosure: I genuinely love her voice, and I think we can all agree her hair/weave situation is code Adorable. But the lyrics are just. so. lame.

Granted, the girl is 16 or so, so I'd rather hear her sing about her internet fame than kicking her fuck buddy out of her parents' house (I'm looking at you, JoJo). Points for that, I guess.

But regardless of the song, the video is just as whack as it wants to be.


Ray.L. said...

yeah, i remember her from super sweet 16. i liked that her voice wasn't super-high and forced. we know all them bitches can't sing soprano.


Emily said...

lol, that whore, JoJo!!