Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Way That I Love You (Aww Baby)

I don't really know why this has become a 2nd-rate music blog, either. I guess it was just a matter of time.

Ashanti (Aww Baby) came out at a time when I was pissed at music press for praising singers who wrote their own songs regardless of how much those songs sucked [see: Vanessa Carlton, Michelle Branch, Avril Levigne].

Or should I say how FOOLISH/UNFOOLISH they were?

But I'll always leave room for a little backpedling; I like Ashanti (Aww Baby)'s new single. I didn't know it was her when I first heard it, which is probably for the best -- you know you hate on songs because of the artist, too -- but I think it's the melody that gets to me.

The video is a bit OVAH, but what can you do?
(If you don't already know where that link is going, you don't know me at all. That mess never gets old to me.)

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