Monday, August 4, 2008

And They Are Dead-Ass Serious

I had heard about this ad, but hadn't actually seen it till my friend Mike shot me the YouTube link tonight.

In case you were thinking this was a clever internet satire of modern American moral standards...*buzzer* WRONG. AshleyMadison (I will not link to that mess) is an actual website that hooks married people up with paramours, and this commercial really ran on television for awhile until it got pulled for, well, being slime.

Lord, I need thee every hour.

People that know me know I'm no great champion for the concept of marriage, but this is absurd. And how much did they have to pay poor Fat-Fat to play the "unfuckable broad" in this commercial? 'Cause that's all she will ever be known for now.


Emily said...

that is so bullSHIT. and that dude... he ain't that damn cute, ReeRee. I mean. damn. poor fat fat.

napkinsketches said...

Hm, I should send that link to my dad. I mean, so far he's two for three, but now I think he's getting lazy in his old age.

Case and point: Men always let you down.

I'm just surprised this hasn't happened sooner. It seems like such a wonderful lame-ass douche thing the Internet would have produced years ago.