Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Dynamic Douchebag Duo

I was driving up to get my oil changed yesterday when the announcer on the radio said, "Soulja Boy featuring Bow Wow: 'Marco Polo.'"

To which I replied (because I talk to myself in the car), "No part of that sounds appealing..."

Marco Polo - Bow Wow feat. Soulja Boy

...and no part of it is.

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Anonymous said...

hey, yes you can play my opening, but I dont want you to be mad if people are talking and stuff so it'll be more like background piano is that ok? My family will be there, and they tend to talk a lot and loudly and laugh a lot and loudly. would you still wanna do it?
Also, sorry I have flaked out on PR! School starting caught me more off guard than it should have, and I've been a lot busier than I thought. Getting shit together so on and so forth.
see ya on wednesday again soon hopefully!