Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Notorious Douchebag

My only question, why is the chick that I'm presuming to be Lil' Kim so tall?


Okay, I had to get to the bottom of this mess. IMDB to the resuce.

First off, Naturi Naughton (the one in the right) is Lil' Kim. You might remember her from 3LW... **silence**

This is the woman playing Faith: Antonique Smith, apparently; Her only other film credit is "Hooker" in Across the Universe. Stop laughing, you know God don't like ugly.

Judging by the headshot, it's not a bad match visually speaking. But did she lose weight for the role or something, 'cause... why?

I thought maybe Charli Baltimore was gonna be in the picture, but upon watching the trailer again, I think it's just the broad playing Faith with different makeup on. Which, if you remember the Get Money video... So maybe they got the casting right after all.

And, honestly, the less I say about Angela Bassett as Voletta Wallace the better.


Emily said...

is it Kim or Faith? none of the women in the trailers looked like either of them, though.

BlackRaspberry said...

I can't claim any certain knowledge, but I was thinking the first chick they show is Faith, the second is possibly-maybe Charli Baltimore?? idk, and the one they show performing onstage in that black dress is Kim.

Though back then Faith was at least 100lbs heavier than any of the broads in that trailer, and Kim never wore that much clothing at any one time, so your guess is as good as mine.

Emily said...

that's what got me - how skinny they all were. I'm sitting there going, how are any of these chicks Faith?

I guess we'll see. if either of us actually see the movie.

BlackRaspberry said...
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BlackRaspberry said...

And Angela Bassett as BIG's mom? That's... flattering.