Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Little Saturday-Afternoon Literature

I just came across this little memoir that Jezebel's SlutMachine wrote for Viceland awhile back. It's fantastic in a kinda twisted way, and if you're really sexually conservative you might want to skip it. There are male hookers and rape fantasies and ooooooooohFEMINISMscaaaaaaaaaaary

Favorite quotes:

Dick immediately began apologizing, saying, “It’s just that you’re so sexy. Give me a minute. I’ll get hard again. Let me just collect myself.” But I drowned out the sound of his voice with the sound of my vibrator.


You know what really pisses me off? People are always quick to accuse girls of too easily becoming emotionally attached after they sleep with a guy. But I’ve never heard of any call girl who tried to hang out with a John for free because she liked him so much. It just wouldn’t happen. Women are far more capable of compartmentalizing issues of love and sex and work and play than people (dudes) give us credit for.

For those of you not so big on the "reading," check these YouTube vids of her doing the piece at In the Flesh. Personally, I think the written version is better.

Part I:

Part II:

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