Thursday, May 15, 2008

Slim Fast?

If you didn't know, America's Next Top Model named Whitney its first plus-sized winner last night. Then this happened:

There seem to be two popular theories about these pics, which surfaced on ONTD yesterday . . .

The first is that these are pre-show pics and Whitney was handpicked by the powers that be at ANTM to gain the weight and take the prize because they felt it was time to just go ahead and let a big girl have it. This would, of course, fly in the face of all of Whitney's "we shall overcome" motivational speeches throughout the season about always being big and wanting to prove it's beautiful.

The second is that these could actually be post-show pics, and despite being good enough to take home the Tyra-plated gold medal at ANTM, the reality of modeling is big girls don't get paid. So maybe she lost the weight for the sake of her career.

Either way, we all know Toccara and her "full-grown dogs" would've taken that title if she could've reigned in the ovah-ass tendencies for a minute.

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Rachael said...

damnit koye! do you read ontd as well?