Tuesday, June 3, 2008

C'mon and Braid My Hair

The prosecution in the R. Kelly trial rested their case on Monday after examining Lisa Van Allen. Van Allen alleges she had multiple threesomes with R. Kelly and the girl in the tape, though she isn't in the tape herself. She also stated that Kelly is "obsessed with videotaping his sexual exploits, testifying that he even carried around a duffel bag with his homemade sex tapes in it."

But my heart grew wings and flew away when I read this:

Van Allen said she first met Kelly at the making of a music video in Georgia about 10 years ago. She later appeared in several Kelly music videos, including one for the song "I Wish," in which she braids the singer's hair.

I had a roommate who'd never heard "I Wish" before, and thus didn't know why I always wet my pants laughing at the end of "Piss on You." So make sure you scroll ahead to about the 5:33 mark.

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