Monday, June 16, 2008

Kanye's Done It Again

Bonnaroo attendees were, apparently, not honored by his lateness.

After showing up over 90min late, the Louis Vuitton Don was booed by angry fans. Pearl Jam ended their set an hour late and then there was difficulty setting up Kanye's glow-in-the-dark backdrop, causing the delay.

I think this is a classic "boy who cried wolf" situation: if Kanye hadn't pitched so many diva fits over the past few years, people may have been more patient. The crowd probably thought he was backstage having peeled grapes fed to him by Tibetan eunuchs or some shit. That would've been my assumption.

What I love is that Robert Randolph (whom I adore) put Kanye on blast during his set on Sunday. Was that really necessary? Is this gonna be the millennial Biggie/Pac saga? It'll probably end in a walk-off rather than a drive-by though; so, I'm all for it.

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